How to Update Your PS5 Controller

With unbelievable haptic suggestions, dynamic adaptive triggers, and intuitive motion controls, the DualSense wi-fi controller for the Sony PlayStation 5 is an astounding piece of hardware. So substantially so that it requires independent software and firmware updates.

Newer versions of the DualSense wireless controller’s firmware strengthen balance, efficiency, and connectivity. Updates also address known concerns with controller performance and compatibility.

You can update your DualSense wireless controller’s firmware to its latest edition through your PlayStation 5 console or a Windows Personal computer. We’ll stroll you as a result of both equally techniques in element.

How to Update a DualSense Controller through PS5

The most convenient way to update a DualSense wireless controller is by means of your PlayStation 5 console. By default, your PS5 will exhibit an update prompt whenever there is a new update accessible.

That normally comes about when you boot up your PS5 or wake it up from Rest Method. To apply it, you should:

  1. Connect the Dualsense controller to a USB port on your PS5 employing the USB Sort-C to USB-A cable from the console’s packaging. If you’re using a third-get together USB-C cable, make certain it is suitable with your console and supports facts transfers.
  2. Press the PS button on the controller.
  3. Select Update Now.

Warning: Do not disconnect your controller all through the update method. Performing so could corrupt the controller’s firmware and render it unusable.

If you’re in a hurry and want to skip the update, select Update Later. Your PS5 will remind you to put in the update after 24 several hours.

On top of that, you can initiate a guide check out for new DualSense wireless controller updates by way of the PS5’s Settings console. Very first, make sure that the console has an active net relationship, and then:

  1. Choose Configurations on the best left corner of the PS5 Household Monitor.
  1. Scroll down the Configurations menu and pick Extras.
  1. Find the Controller (Standard) sidebar option, and then select DualSense Wi-fi Controller Device Application on the suitable menu.
  1. If there’s a pending controller update, connect the PS5 DualSense controller via its USB-C cable and choose Update Now.

Observe: If you use many controllers, hook up the controller you want to update just before browsing for updates.

While you are at it, update the procedure program for your PlayStation 5 for the finest success. Go to Configurations > Technique > Process Software package > Procedure Computer software Update > Update Program Software program and pick out Update Working with Online to do that.

How to Update a DualSense Controller by means of Computer

Making use of a DualSense wi-fi controller with Windows for Computer system gaming or Distant Perform, you can update its firmware with Sony’s “Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controller” utility. You can also use it as an different system if controller updates fail on your PS5.

  1. Download “Firmware updater for DualSense wi-fi controller” from the formal PlayStation website.
  1. Run the FWupdaterInstaller executable through your browser’s Downloads supervisor.
  1. Pick a language and do the job via the on-display guidance to install the DualSense firmware updater on your Pc.
  1. Open up the “Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controller” utility and hook up your PS5 controller to your Laptop via USB.
  1. Find Update Now to put in new firmware updates for your DualSense controller. Do not disconnect the cable right up until the update finishes.

At the time of creating, you just cannot update a DualSense wi-fi controller through a Mac, Apple iphone, or Android. If you do not very own a Computer or a PS5, request permission to update your controller on another person else’s pc or console.

Keep Your DualSense Wireless Controller Up-to-Date

Really do not extremely worry on your own with updating your DualSense wi-fi controller. Put in them when your PlayStation 5 notifies you, and you must be excellent. Only lookup for updates manually if you’re dealing with persistent DualSense-associated difficulties or use the controller mostly on a Pc.

If there are no new updates even though troubleshooting a PS5 controller, think about difficult-reseting the DualSense to factory defaults.