You have a higher chance of winning the silicon lottery with a Core i9 13900KF than the 13900K

A huge hard work to check and kind Intel Raptor Lake CPUs by their overclocking ability has led to some surprising success. Igor’s Lab, with the assist of MIFCOM, has tested about 500 of Intel’s hottest (opens in new tab) 13th Gen processors to discover out regardless of whether they’re overclocking naturals or silicon saps. From this data, it truly is drawn the conclusion that, amazingly, the Main i9 13900KF could be a single of the finest overclockers this generation. Even beating the pricier Core i9 13900K (opens in new tab).

The extremely advanced lithographic method that etches immensely complex layouts on to silicon is incredibly exact nowadays, but it is nevertheless not excellent. Minuscule distinctions between unique dies can see a person CPU accomplishing much better than one more when it will come to overclocking. In quick, some CPUs are simply designed superior than others.