These Are the 10 Highest-Rated New Game Releases of 2022

At the time of this writing, all the major new video game releases of 2022 have launched, meaning we finally have a solid list of the 10 highest-rated new game releases of 2022. As evidenced by the 10 highest-rated game releases, this year was an especially strong one for indie titles, as there’s only a couple of AAA games that managed to crack the top 10, though they took the top two spots.

To put together this list of the 10 highest-rated video games of 2022, we took to review aggregate site OpenCritic. OpenCritic compiles its reviews for a game regardless of platform, which offers a better view of how the game was received overall, not just on a particular console. We also removed DLC, remakes, remasters, and collections that were in the top 10 to keep the focus solely on new game releases.


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Here are the 10 highest-rated video games of 2022, according to OpenCritic.

10 Best Video Games of 2022 List

god of war ragnarok mjolnir

  • Elden Ring – 95
  • God of War Ragnarok – 93
  • Chained Echoes – 91
  • Freshly Frosted – 91
  • Norco – 91
  • Not for Broadcast – 89
  • Neon White – 89
  • Hyper Demon – 89
  • Rogue Legacy 2 – 89
  • Immortality – 88

Unsurprisingly, Elden Ring takes the top spot with an impressive 95 overall average. Not only does this make Elden Ring the top-rated new video game release of 2022, it also firmly establishes it as one of the highest-rated video games of all time. Elden Ring was recognized with the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards, and that combined with its commercial success should ensure that the game is going to leave a long lasting impact on the industry.

God of War Ragnarok, which went head-to-head with Elden Ring at The Game Awards and actually came away with more total awards won, is the second-highest rated game of 2022 with a 93 overall rating. God of War Ragnarok has been hailed as a worthy follow-up to the ambitious 2018 game, earning particular praise for the performances of its cast and for its emotional and cleverly-written story.

In third place is recently-released Chained Echoes, a classic-style turn-based RPG that serves a throwback to the SNES-era JRPGs that has a 91 overall rating at the time of this writing. Chained Echoes has earned critical acclaim, with particular praise for how it strips away the more frustrating bits of the JRPG experience to deliver something more streamlined and more consistently entertaining. Chained Echoes is readily available on Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers can try it without even having to buy it.


Another game with a 91 overall rating is puzzle game Freshly Frosted. Whereas the top three games are action-heavy games with fantasy elements, Freshly Frosted is a game about organizing conveyer belts to frost donuts. Critics were impressed with Freshly Frosted‘s simple, yet challenging concept, music, and generally positive vibes.

The fifth highest-rated game of the year also has a 91 overall rating, but it doesn’t work as a “cozy game” like Freshly Frosted. Norco is a point-and-click adventure game that’s set in a futuristic version of Louisiana. It has a sharp sense of humor, dark themes, and a memorable story that will stick with players long after the credits roll. Like the previously mentioned Chained Echoes, Norco is available to play on Xbox Game Pass, and while it was once PC-exclusive, it’s now made its way to consoles as well.

PC gamers are the only ones that can check out the next game on the list, the so-called “propaganda simulator” Not for Broadcast. Originally released in early access in 2020, Not for Broadcast‘s full release came in early 2022. Critics have praised Not for Broadcast‘s political satire and clever use of full motion video. It earned an 89 overall rating on OpenCritic after all its reviews were counted.

Neon White Violet Red Game Awards 2022

Right behind Not for Broadcast is Neon White, a unique first-person shooter that uses a card system to force players into being selective with the actions they take as they fight enemies and complete platforming challenges. Neon White is all about getting through levels as fast as possible, but when players aren’t blasting away demons, they can spend time interacting with other characters and learning more about everyone’s backstory.

Neon White wasn’t the only FPS that impressed critics in 2022. FPS fans may also want to check out Hyper Demon, a game that uses a bizarre, overwhelming art style to pummel gamers with bright lights and endless action. Hyper Demon has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and critics concur, propping up the indie as one of 2022’s finest new releases.

Rogue Legacy 2 is another indie that impressed critics in 2022. The long-awaited sequel delivered more of what fans loved about the original Rogue Legacy, but introduced important quality-of-life improvements and generally improved the experience across the board.

And finally, Immortality was the 10th-highest rated new video game release of 2022, earning an 88 overall rating. The latest game from Her Story director Sam Barlow, Immortality has players clicking through film clips to solve a mystery. Immortality reviews praised the game’s unique narrative structure, which delivers a story that’s far more sinister than it seems on the surface.

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Source: OpenCritic