The simple but very hidden trick to more iOS and iPadOS update control

iPhone 14 and iPhone14 Plus next to each other.

Jason Cipriani/ZDNET

When Apple releases a software package update for the Iphone or iPad, the default choice when you go to the install webpage in the Options application is to obtain and put in the update  on need. 

Having said that, there’s a simple — still very hidden — trick to viewing additional installation solutions that give you finish handle about when the update is downloaded and installed. 

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You can use this shortcut to tell your Apple system to only obtain the update, or to down load it now and install it later on both of those of which are in addition to the conventional download and install solution. 

Here’s what you will need to do.

How to discover your iPhone’s hidden update menu

To start out, you will go to the software program update screen like you generally would to put in an update. You can get there by heading to Configurations > Typical > Software Update.

iPhone update settings

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/ZDNET

To watch the hidden selections, as an alternative of tapping on Download and Install, very long-press on it right up until you see a pop-up at the base of the display. 

You can select the alternative to down load the update but not truly put in it by selecting Obtain Only. This is a useful selection for those people who perhaps never have a responsible or speedy Wi-Fi relationship at residence, but can’t put in an update for the duration of the middle of the working day — so you would download the update although at the workplace, or maybe a coffee store, for case in point, then put in it at a additional practical time. 

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The other option is Download and Install Tonight, which must do accurately what it says. Down load the update right away, but as an alternative of putting in it as before long as it truly is concluded downloading, your Iphone or iPad will wait around to install the update when you are sleeping. (It is really a very good plan to demand your telephone that night so the installation can commence without the need of problems.) 

If you chosen the delayed solution, you will be asked to enter your PIN code to preapprove the set up.

iPhone Download Only and Download and Install Tonight options

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/ZDNET

Should I set up iOS updates as soon as they’re launched?

Honestly, this is up to you. Some folks like to wait a couple of days just after an update is produced to make sure there are not any important bugs or troubles. On the other hand, many updates like the a short while ago produced iOS 16.3.1 involve security fixes for exploits, and these are the sorts of updates you really should put in suitable away. 

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I tend to install updates as before long as they’re readily available. It is been a long time since Apple has had a big difficulty with a launch. 

Why failed to the update put in overnight?

I have experienced this materialize to me a couple of situations. I’ve chosen to have an update installed that evening though I slept, only to wake up to have the update nevertheless pending. 

The key motive? Because I also forgot to join that system to the charger right away or I did not have a Wi-Fi link. So, if you run into the similar concern, make absolutely sure your unit is charging and is related to Wi-Fi.