PC Repair Shop Claims Huge Uptick In Radeon RX Failures After Recent GPU Driver Update

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Most of the time, when a graphics card fails, you can expect to possibly return it to the maker (assuming it is inside its warranty period of time), market it to a person for areas, or simply just discard it. You could, on the other hand, send it to a repair store like Germany’s KrisFix. All over the planet, electronics lovers are setting up restore shops to repair busted Pc components as these factors turn into far more and additional high priced to receive.
KrisFix has been executing his detail a though now, and he is aware of what he is speaking about he is a reliable source on YouTube for other repair service retailers. That is why we give some credence to his problems about latest Radeon motorists. In a online video titled “Are AMD cards dying immediately after a driver update?” he poses the nominative concern.
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A cracked Navi 21 GPU. This and leading graphic from KrisFix Fb.

KrisFix states that he is had some 61 lifeless Radeon cards sporting Navi 21 GPUs occur into his store not too long ago, and of people, 48 experienced defective GPU chips. These boards won’t be able to be fixed without the need of salvaging the core from a further non-doing the job board mainly because AMD won’t market the GPUs by by themselves, and normally it really is less difficult to mend any other form of fault on a graphics card than it is to swap the BGA GPU and its countless numbers of contacts.

Generally, it can be very scarce for a microprocessor to are unsuccessful at all, but the precise way in which these chips are failing is notable: they are cracking. Indeed, indeed—the Navi 21 processor at the coronary heart of these Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6900 collection graphics cards is bodily breaking. What could trigger this? Intense heat.
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HardOCP’s Kyle Bennett weighed in, not able to reproduce the situation on two playing cards.

KrisFix questioned the buyers and came away with small in typical between the situations. Customers were being participating in distinctive game titles with unique options, or not even enjoying online games at all, but just looking at videos or performing at the desktop. AMD’s motorists have a fantastic many mechanisms in put to prevent this variety of issue from happening, but the common aspect that he did come across was that each and every client claimed to be using the most up-to-date 22.11.2 WHQL driver.

With that in brain, then, we return to the question posed by the video clip: is the most current formal AMD driver killing Navi 21 GPUs? It’s pretty obvious that the reply is “no,” or at minimum, not universally. Below in the labs, we have various Navi 21 sections functioning that precise driver, and have not had any unusual warmth or electric power problems. Numerous other buyers have chimed in on Twitter and Reddit to say the identical thing.

On the other hand, a couple other users have claimed that they possibly dropped a Navi 21 GPU recently, or that their card is suffering from amplified heat and ability use just after the driver update. You will find also the issue that KrisFix certainly has 48 cracked Navi 21 GPUs on hand it won’t make feeling that he would phony these failures and hazard his name just for internet clout.

buildzoid weighing in cracked navi 21 controversy

As Buildzoid of Essentially Components Overclocking notes on Twitter, this would not be the to start with time a GPU driver has delivered with broken thermal defense. If you have a Navi 21-dependent GPU—that’s every little thing in the Radeon RX 6000 series from the Radeon RX 6800 on up—we could advocate you to possibly stay away from the most up-to-date motorists right up until someone figures out what is likely on, or to simply preserve an eye on your thermals and electrical power consumption to make certain they will not get out of regulate.