NTT hosting 6G wireless next-gen IOWN events

NTT invited me to attend an event they will be hosting in San Francisco, which will explore 6G, next-gen network infrastructure and sustainability. It will be held at the NTT Experience Center and will highlight the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network initiative. IOWN is led through a combined effort from NTT, Intel and Sony.

The purpose is to develop the next generation of network and information processing infrastructure. This includes terminals which can provide high-speed and high-capacity communications.

NTT to hold Upgrade 2023 event at Scaling the Future summit

Then in March, NTT will hold their “Upgrade 2023” event at the NTT Research Summit. The theme for this year’s summit is “Scaling the Future”.

I think this is good news. It seems they are trying to raise their profile in what has become a very noisy industry.

NTT is a leader in the wireless network and infrastructure segment. Today, they are busy provisioning 5G in networks around the world.

NTT, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia are building 6G wireless

These upcoming events will showcase how they are also pouring much time, effort and money into developing 6G services, which are still years off.

That’s the way the wireless industry operates. While we are all excited about the current generation of services, network providers are busy collaborating on building the next generation, years in advance.

When it comes to 6G, NTT and in fact all major competitors are doing the same thing.

NTT, Intel and Sony are focused on 6G wireless through IOWN

So, let’s take a closer look at what IOWN is focused on.

They are creating a more sustainable infrastructure that overcomes the limitations of existing infrastructure with and entirely new communication platform. This consists of an All-Photonics Network, which means silicon photonics, edge computing and wireless distributed computing.

It creates a new infrastructure to open several different applications including what they call 6G and beyond.

That means all the exciting things we have been waiting for including remote surgeries, e-sports, automation, autonomous driving and other similar technologies, mobility management, which is information collected from vehicles and roadside sensors, applications from the smart grid, smart home technology, smart city technology, advanced corporate communications and much more.

NTT wants to raise their profile in 5G and 6G wireless

This 6G wireless technology goes far beyond what we have today with 5G. Today, 5G is all we are talking about, but 6G is the next generation of wireless which is still years away.

That being said, providers of these services and builders of networks must be hard at work today for what’s coming years from now.

There are many other companies doing something similar like Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and several others.

Chances are leadership will not change because we are moving to 6G. However, companies must continue to prime the pump to keep their image among leadership intact.

NTT wants to be seen as leader in 6G wireless industry

NTT has been an important player in this space for quite a long time. The problem is few know that. The reason is NTT has not focused on spreading the word about their work and position in the industry the same way others have done.

They have not forged partnerships through a Wireless Industry Analyst program, or media relations or influencer relations.

That may be changing. I hope so. They have an important story to tell.

At these events, NTT wants to raise their profile in the industry. They want to be perceived as the leader they are right alongside other leaders mentioned above.

They have not really focused on this before. That’s a shame because other leaders, their competitors have a higher profile.

This will not happen by itself. It will take work on their part. It will take the right moves and the right focus, but they can achieve this goal if they do the right things going forward.

I will keep my eyes on NTT and share interesting stories and thoughts with you on their progress.