Miss Manners: It’s time to stop hand-addressing mailed letters


Dear Pass up Manners: In the days when human beings sorted the mail and pupils were being taught to publish in gorgeous script, a hand-dealt with envelope was proper.

But now the beleaguered post business relies upon on computer systems to browse the addresses. I would like to receive a “thank you” observe with a laptop or computer-generated label than to have it despatched to the completely wrong deal with simply because the laptop or computer could not read through the hen scratches on the envelope.

This position of etiquette have to transform. Typed or pc-printed addresses are now the kindest, and the choice of the U.S. Postal Assistance. If the deal with is handwritten, some have proposed that the words be printed, not written in longhand, and that only capital letters be utilised.

Even Skip Manners are unable to dispute the require for an handle to be legible to individuals dependable for delivering it. The Postal Provider does continue to accept handwritten envelopes, but she sadly acknowledges that this will in all probability not previous — specifically as handwriting is rarely taught effectively, or at all.

Individually, she will proceed to tackle letters by hand as very long as the support will tolerate it. Realizing the enjoyment of a uncommon letter that is not computer-generated, she hopes all those who are in a position will at minimum not extend the efficiency argument to anything own that the envelope incorporates.

Dear Pass up Manners: It strikes me as unseemly when persons applaud at the kiss throughout wedding day ceremonies. When I look at previous films, I by no means see that transpire. It seems to have started sometime in the ’80s or ’90s. Applause would seem a lot more suited to a general performance than to a ceremony.

Am I mistaken that this is a new pattern? Or have men and women constantly applauded the kiss in a marriage?

No, it only dates from when couples stopped considering their weddings to be severe ceremonies and started off wondering of them as possibilities to set on a present starring them selves and done in front of an audience.

Dear Miss Manners: My fiancee and I every single acquired an emailed invitation for a New Year’s Day brunch at her parents’ property. We been given this on Dec. 16. We stay throughout the place from her dad and mom and are browsing them for Christmas, from Dec. 22 to Dec. 27.

Presented the quick time body and the point that we are now shelling out a decent amount of time all over the holidays with them, this strikes me as odd. I imagined that the e-vite was impolite, but my fiancee disagrees. I do not normally obtain invites from spouse and children or pals in other pieces of the country until they know that I will be in the location about that time, or that I am looking at undertaking so.

You ought to allow this 1 go. Your fiancee, who presumably can choose her parents’ intentions, has told you that they meant nicely.

Miss Manners doesn’t even know your in-guidelines, but she can believe of benign good reasons for their invitation: to clearly show you that you would be welcome if you changed your journey arrangements, or to take into account you welcome at any family celebration.

In any situation, invitations — unless they are to “go to the devil” — are not insults.

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