Latest Windows 11 Update May Slow SSD Performance

Windows 11 end users that have applied the latest element / bug correct update are complaining about storage performance. The effects seems to be rather severe for individuals impacted, with some chatting about transfer functionality staying halved, other individuals declaring OS and recreation loading will take a lot for a longer period. Thankfully, victims of this bug say that rolling back again the update returns their prior storage overall performance. In addition, in a quick test employing Home windows 11 and the same update, we could not replicate this overall performance concern.

The Minute 2 Update for Windows 11 arrived previous week, as a Patch Tuesday launch, a couple of months following getting trailed on the Home windows Encounter site. Microsoft engineering started out a Reddit thread to monitor and answer to opinions, but the thread does not seem like a delighted put to be, with a amount of problems repeatedly raised. Probably the most annoying bug discussed in just the responses has an effect on storage functionality.