5G Communication Modules to Enter Boom as 4G is Phased Out

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Dublin, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global and China Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Report,2023” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

Vehicle communication module research: 5G R16+C-V2X module, smart SiP module and other new products spring up.

In 2022, 4G modules swept 84.3{2c093b5d81185d1561e39fad83afc6c9d2e12fb4cca7fd1d7fb448d4d1554397} of the vehicle communication module market. 5G communication modules enter a boom period from the high-end intelligent electric vehicle target market to the stock market where 4G is being replaced. It is expected that the penetration of 5G modules will rise to over 30{2c093b5d81185d1561e39fad83afc6c9d2e12fb4cca7fd1d7fb448d4d1554397} in 2026.

5G C-V2X modules and highly integrated smart modules are key development directions.

The new products launched by automotive communication module manufacturers during 2022-2023 are mainly 5G C-V2X modules and smart modules.

(1) 5G C-V2X modules

In currant stage, 5G modules have a relatively high entry threshold and pose a much higher technical challenge than 4G modules. Generally, only manufacturers with certain technical expertise in communication modules can produce 5G modules, including Fibocom, MeiG Smart Technology, Quectel, Neoway Technology and Huawei. The new vehicle models in the past two years carried much more 5G modules. For example, the full range of Li Auto L9 was equipped with Quectel 5G vehicle module AG551Q as a standard configuration.

3GPP has frozen 5G Release 16. 5G NR C-V2X offers big improvements in reliability, latency, positioning accuracy, and transmission rate, and can serve second-stage scenarios such as fleet platooning, advanced driving, scalable sensors, and remote driving. C-V2X based on the 5G R16 protocol is expected to play a more important role in advanced driving assistance.

Quectel: in February 2023, Quectel introduced AG59x Series, its new-generation 5G automotive module and also the industry’s first 3GPP R16-compliant automotive module. Quectel has designed multiple sub-models for different regional markets around the world, including AG59xH Series and AG59xE Series, and will provide engineering samples in the first half of 2023. Its products provide the following benefits:

  • In terms of cellular communication capabilities, AG59x supports 4 x 4 MIMO, a technology which can significantly improve the wireless communication performance of the module and increase its data transmission rate;

  • The compatibility with Quectel’s first-generation 5G automotive modules AG55xQ Series and AG57xQ Series allows existing automotive customers to realize seamless migration and upgrade just by directly replacing, slashing design cost and development time;

  • Support optional C-V2X PC5 Mode 4 direct communication function (subject to 3GPP R15);

  • For AG59x Series modules, the company can provide a range of matched high-performance antenna products.

MeiG Smart Technology: in March 2023, MeiG Smart Technology launched MA925 Series, its new-generation automotive 5G module designed, developed and produced on Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon automotive 5G modem and RF platform. It supports the 3GPP Release 16 standard, and integrates application processors (AP) with maximum compute of 22K DMIPS. The full range of the series supports the optional C-V2X function. In terms of software architecture, the introduction of hypervisor mechanism has greatly improved the safety, usability and maintainability of the product.

(2) Smart modules

Compared with conventional communication modules, smart modules have certain benefits: higher integration and effective cost reduction.

Smart modules that integrate high-compute chip and storage offer powerful processing capabilities and abundant interfaces, and enable such functions as driving record, 360-degree surround view, and head-up display. They may become the mainstream solutions for intelligent cockpits and body domain controllers in the future.

Quectel: in September 2022, Quectel introduced AG855G, China’s first smart SiP module that integrates Qualcomm’s third-generation automotive intelligent cockpit chip SA8155P. Kryo 485, a 64-bit octa-core processor integrated in AG855G, delivers CPU compute of 100K DMIPS and AI compute of 8 TOPS, and supports up to 3 channels of 4K multiple screens that allow for independent touch control to display different contents, and 12 channels of cameras, enabling high integration of the all-digital dashboard and center console.

In the trend for software-defined vehicles, module manufacturers are required to have great software strength.

The automotive communication module industry features first-mover advantages. Once OEMs select a communication module supplier, they will not change it readily due to high cost. This also made it hard for Chinese suppliers to enter the supply chains of overseas automakers in early years, so they made an expansion at abroad by acquiring automotive module businesses of foreign manufacturers. For example, in 2018, Titan Invo Technology Limited acquired Telit’s vehicle communication business; in 2020, Fibocom bought Sierra Wireless’ automotive communication module business through its subsidiary Rolling Wireless.

As 5G and C-V2X markets develop, module suppliers are required to have higher technical reserves, especially software strength. In addition, in the megatrend for software-defined vehicles, OEMs’ needs for complex application development will further test the software support capabilities of suppliers. The automotive communication module industry has entered a new round of reshuffle.

CICTCI: the self-developed C-V2X module software development kit (gSDK) based on the OpenCPU architecture provides abundant APIs, and allows customers to redevelop peripheral device drivers based on their own hardware design and realize the joint optimization design of software and hardware for customized products.

Morningcore: partnered with several application software providers such as Nebula Link, Neusoft, nFore Technology and Hikailink to jointly launch a turnkey solution that integrate a C-V2X protocol stack and security application software: a full-stack software and hardware integrated solution for mass production.

The solution has a built-in complete protocol stack and various V2X application algorithms, meeting the function and performance requirements of all current V2X security application scenarios and algorithms for low latency, high reliability, high-speed mobility and security. Widely used in telematics, it provides reliable solutions for smart cars, autonomous driving and intelligent transportation systems, and accelerates the development and production of V2X products.

Global and China Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Report,2023 highlights the following:

  • Automotive communication module industry (overview, industry chain, industry standards, market size, market pattern, etc.);

  • Technical highlights of automotive communication modules (manufacturing capabilities of manufacturers, cost composition, and software strength of suppliers, etc.);

  • Development directions of automotive communication modules (including 5G modules, smart modules, etc.);

  • Integration of communication modules in vehicles (integration modes, OEMs’ plans for communication module production and application in vehicles, etc.);

  • Major automotive communication module suppliers (product lines, product plans, latest products, application fields, etc.).

Key Topics Covered:

1 Status Quo of Automotive Communication Module Industry
1.1 Overview of Automotive Communication Module Industry
1.2 Policies and Standards for Automotive Communication Modules
1.3 Automotive Communication Module Market Size
1.3.1 Global and China Passenger Car OEM Communication Module Market Size, 2022-2026E
1.3.2 Global and China Passenger Car OEM Communication Module Market Size, 2022-2026E (Attached Sheet)
1.3.3 China Passenger Car OEM Communication Module Market Size (by 3G/4G/5G Module), 2022-2026E
1.3.4 China Passenger Car OEM Communication Module Market Pattern (by 3G/4G/5G Module), 2022-2026E
1.4 Competitive Landscape of Automotive Communication Module Market
1.4.1 Global Automotive Communication Module Market Pattern Is Stable
1.4.2 Chinese Communication Module Manufacturers Vigorously Acquire Overseas Targets To Expand Overseas Business
1.4.3 China’s Automotive Communication Module Suppliers
1.5 Product Selection of Automotive Communication Modules
1.5.1 Release Timeline of Automotive Communication Module Products
1.5.2 Product Selection of Automotive Communication Modules

2 Technical Highlights of Automotive Communication Module
2.1 Technical Highlight 1: Manufacturing Capabilities
2.1.1 Manufacturing Capability 1: Packaging Technology
2.1.2 Manufacturing Capability 2: Production Capacity
2.1.3 Manufacturing Capability 3: Technical Strength
2.1.4 Three Dimensions Reflecting Suppliers’ Manufacturing Capabilities
2.2 Technical Highlight 2: Cost
2.2.1 Value Distribution of Wireless Communication Module
2.2.2 Cost Composition of Automotive Wireless Communication Module
2.2.3 Price Trend of Automotive Communication Modules (by 3G4G5G Module)
2.3 Technical Highlight 3: Software Strength
2.3.1 Software Strength Becomes a Competitive Edge of Automotive Communication Module Manufacturers
2.3.2 Software Strength of Major Module Manufacturers
2.3.3 Software Strength Case of Module Manufacturers: Quectel Embedded Operating System
2.4 Technical Highlight 4: Key Chips
2.4.1 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Chip Market
2.4.2 Distribution of Automotive Communication Chip Vendors

3 Development Trends of Automotive Communication Module
3.1 Development Trend 1: 5G Modules
3.1.1 High Entry Barriers to 5G Module Market
3.1.2 Big Technical Challenges in 5G Modules
3.1.3 Application Directions of 5G Modules in Vehicles
3.1.4 5G Module Market Size
3.1.5 Chinese Manufacturers Lead in 5G Modules
3.1.6 Automotive 5G Communication Module Market Pattern
3.1.7 Mass Production of Automotive 5G Communication Modules
3.2 Development Trend 2: Smart Modules
3.2.1 Domain Control Architecture Helps Communication Modules Evolve Towards Integration (1)
3.2.2 Domain Control Architecture Helps Communication Modules Evolve Towards Integration (2)
3.2.3 Advantages of Smart Modules: High Integration and Low Cost
3.2.4 Smart Module Selection Reference
3.2.5 Smart Module Product Case: Quectel AG855G
3.3 Development Trend 3: 5G Fused Positioning
3.3.1 Advantages of 5G Fused Positioning: Higher Stability and Reliability
3.3.2 5G Fused Positioning Solution 1: 5G+GNSS/RTK
3.3.3 5G Fused Positioning Solution 2: 5G V2X + Positioning + HD Maps
3.3.4 Mass Production of 5G Fused Positioning Solutions
3.3.5 5G Fused Positioning Application Scheme 1: Qualcomm Indoor Positioning
3.3.6 5G Fused Positioning Application Scheme 2: China Mobile 5G + Beidou Positioning System

4 Communication Module Installation and Integration Schemes of OEMs
4.1 Installation Forms of Communication Modules in Vehicles
4.1.1 Integration Forms of Communication Modules in Vehicles
4.1.2 Integration Structure of Communication Modules by Form
4.2 Installation Form 1: Communication Module Integrated Into Independent T-Box
4.2.1 Integration of Communication Module into T-Box Is the Mainstream Solution in the Current Market
4.3 Installation Form 2: Communication Module Integrated into Smart Antenna
4.3.1 Vehicle 5G Smart Antenna
4.3.2 Advantages of Smart Antennas
4.3.3 Installation of Smart Antennas in Vehicles Is A Trend
4.4 Installation Form 3: Communication Module Integrated into Domain Controller
4.4.1 Evolution of Communication Technology under Domain Control Architecture
4.5 Installation Form 4: Communication Module Integrated into Smart Gateway
4.5.1 Integration Case of Communication Module into Smart Gateway
4.6 Communication Module SOP Planning of OEMs

5 Automotive Communication Module Suppliers

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