2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Software Update

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the automaker’s initially U.S.-certain vehicle developed from the floor up to be an electric auto. The tiny electric SUV debuted for 2021, and we felt it was so sizeable, we quickly additional a 2021 ID.4 to our prolonged-phrase test fleet. Again in January, we ended up ready to get an update set up to our ID.4 that VW reported would make some improvements.

This is version 3.1. that VW is making use of to 2021 ID.4s furthermore find 2022 models. It can be a dealer-installed update somewhat than an around-the-air update. According to VW, the update provides: 1) improved skill to search for Electrify America charging stations and approach routes applying people stations using the onboard navigation system 2) an auto-keep braking operate 3) extra info shown in the driver’s instrument panel and 4) “minor bug fixes.”

I drove our ID.4 for a few of weeks to see how a lot of a distinction these updates built. Here’s my report on just about every.

Yep, some bugs have been preset

Volkswagen wrote an overall press launch about the 3.1. update, and close to the end of the release, virtually as a throwaway statement, is this: “Also bundled in the enhance are small bug fixes, together with protection enhancements.” It is amusing to me for the reason that this is really the most substantial thing about the whole update. It’d be like Bruce Wayne issuing a push launch about Wayne Enterprises’ financials and then, at the very conclusion, closing with, “Oh, also, I’m Batman.”

Volkswagen didn’t describe what these bug fixes were being, but it’s apparent that they relate to the infotainment system. Get a look at our coverage of our ID.4 and you can expect to locate plenty of negative commentary about the touchscreen and, specially, the infotainment system’s buggy wireless smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto). It was so terrible and damaged that it was properly unusable.

Pleasingly, the touchscreen process is better now. Plugging in my Apple iphone now persistently delivers up the CarPlay interface, for instance. But it truly is nevertheless way too sluggish to boot up in my opinion, getting at occasions upwards of 30 seconds from when you to start with get into the car or truck to when CarPlay finally masses.

I also noticed that Volkswagen adjusted the activation for the lane retaining system. Just before, it would mechanically switch on when you started off the car, even if you experienced turned it off beforehand. I did not like the way the system worked so I had a ritual of likely via the touchscreen’s menu to change it off right before I even started out driving. Now it stays off when you transform it off. Gain!

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Infotainment

Electrify The usa station research nonetheless is just not wonderful

Our ID.4’s navigation system may pretty perfectly have improved lookup and routing features for Electrify The united states stations. But I actually you should not know due to the fact I nonetheless discover the navigation system’s charging station research operate to be cumbersome to use and usually unhelpful no issue what brand of charging you might be seeking for. Utilizing applications on my cell phone to uncover charging stations is however easier and extra helpful.

Vehicle brake maintain is Okay

This new characteristic allows you to just take your foot off the brake after you’re at a comprehensive halt, like at a stoplight. The ID.4 will then keep the brakes engaged until you push on the accelerator pedal. It’s a wonderful ease but however not total a person-pedal driving, unfortunately. A lot of other EVs will come to a full end just after deceleration and then hold the brakes devoid of you needing to push the brake pedal. The ID.4 has a respectable rate of deceleration when lifting off the accelerator but you however have to press on the ID.4’s brake pedal to completely halt. If not, it will just bit by bit creep ahead at all around 2 mph.

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Driver Display

A lot more in the driver instrument exhibit

The instrument exhibit has a couple of much more tidbits of details on it than it did prior to. You will find now a share amount to go alongside with the icon that reveals the battery’s cost and selection, for occasion. But it really is very small things. I wouldn’t have recognised it improved had I not go through VW’s press release, actually.