The best gaming PCs in 2023

The best gaming PCs might be designed to tackle all the latest technically-demanding titles, but that’s just the start of their usefulness. If you excuse the colourful RGB and a few dedicated features, a “gaming” PC is really just another name for a modern supercomputer that houses some beefy components inside it. Of course this means higher frame rates and resolutions in 2023’s biggest games, but with one of the best gaming PCs you’ll also have all the power you could need for content creation, working from home, or things like 3D rendering.

Just like the best video editing computers, the best gaming PCs should have powerful GPUs and CPUs to handle hardware-intensive tasks. They’ll also need at least 16GB of RAM to support them. Assembling these parts for yourself and building your own gaming PC from scratch is a popular route to take these days, but it’s often more expensive. With new generations of all these components coming out at the moment, you might be able to get some serious value out of a prebuilt machine. In the long run, you’ll always be able to upgrade certain parts, but this always comes with a lot of learning. Buying one of the best ready-built gaming PCs, on the other hand, can save you a lot of headaches.