Novo Nordisk Foundation launches major investment to develop the first quantum computer dedicated to life sciences research and the green transition

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant of US$ 200 million (DKK 1.5 billion) to establish the initial total-scale quantum computer system for the progress of new medications and deliver new insights into local climate change and the inexperienced changeover, which is not possible with classical computers right now. The ambitious Novo Nordisk Basis Quantum Computing Programme released in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen contains environment-top scientists in quantum computing from Denmark, Canada, The Netherlands and the Usa. 

By implementing future-era quantum computing to the lifetime sciences, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and its associates have the ambition to produce revolutionary and relevant new insights which will transform the comprehending of very important scientific issues that pose a enormous unmet professional medical and environmental need. Quantum systems will be vital in the advent of personalised medication by letting the assessment of immense genomic knowledge sets, as very well as introducing clarity to the elaborate interactions of the human microbiome, or by accelerating drug discovery and progress of new medicines. The ambition is that a quantum laptop will also be a basic device in building new sustainable supplies, delivering new electricity-saving alternatives or assisting with new techniques to decarbonisation.

Quantum computing delivers huge opportunity but issues persist in producing a fully scaled, fault-tolerant, typically applicable quantum pc. The Programme will target on establishing quantum components and quantum products as effectively as algorithms to provide a quantum computer system that can address tasks which nowadays are insolvable by present computers.

“We want to generate an intercontinental powerhouse in quantum exploration, a subject with incredible likely. We want to develop, mature and build technologies that can fix main and present-day troubles inside of overall health, sustainability and other parts,” says Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Henrik C. Wegener, Rector of the College of Copenhagen, claims: “Anyone will sooner or later reward from the new possibilities this Programme is building. This consists of places such as the eco-friendly changeover, cybersecurity and the enhancement of new medicines. The grant makes sure that the University of Copenhagen will keep on to be between the world-wide leaders in quantum investigate. With its dimension, ambition and interdisciplinary collaboration in Denmark and internationally, the Quantum Computing Programme will supply scientists with the opportunity to enhance the enhancement of quantum technology. Many thanks to the Novo Nordisk Basis for contributing wholeheartedly to this research subject.”

Substantial likely in the everyday living sciences

A absolutely functional quantum personal computer can really speedily carry out intricate calculations that classical pcs either can’t or would optimally require a number of years to carry out. A quantum laptop for that reason produces alternatives for creating new methods in several locations.

Quantum computer systems have significantly innovative opportunity in the lifestyle sciences. Quantum computers can especially make a distinction in this article due to the fact mother nature has many quantum mechanical systems that are not able to at this time be categorised and properly recognized. A quantum pc has an inherent capability to clear up these types of responsibilities.

“Inside the lifetime sciences, for case in point, we can speed up progress in personalised medicine by allowing quantum computers method the great amount of information accessible about the human genome and conditions. This will make it a lot easier to tailor optimal procedure. In the Quantum Computing Programme, physicists and engineers will operate carefully with researchers from the everyday living sciences on a day by day foundation. The enhancement of the know-how will be guided by concrete biological experiments and issues, and this near interdisciplinarity is a vital parameter for accomplishment,” states Lene Oddershede, Senior Vice President, Pure & Technical Sciences, Novo Nordisk Basis.

One of the world’s most formidable quantum initiatives

Section of the grant for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme is earmarked for creating Quantum Foundry P/S, a associate company. This organization is a fabrication facility that will source materials and components to the researchers in the Programme and function extremely carefully with the relaxation of the Programme.

During the 1st seven decades of the twelve-12 months collaboration, the scientists and engineers will develop the supplies and components for the quantum laptop. The scientists will establish capabilities to co-engineer a few of the most promising quantum computing platforms which will established a basis for determining which platform or sections thereof are most acceptable to expand further more.

The 2nd half of the job will be put in scaling the selected system up to a sizing so that it turns into usable for university and field researchers in addition to applying it to remedy pertinent troubles in just the lifestyle sciences.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Programme differs substantially from other big, identified quantum computing programmes in the earth, according to Professor Peter Krogstrup Jeppesen who describes it as one of the most bold programmes at any time.

“The other major initiatives globally have already chosen their platforms and are attempting to optimise them. But we predict that lots of will run into a lifeless stop at a time when there will be elementary limits both in the high quality of qubits or in conditions of scaling up. We will devote seven yrs figuring out the system that delivers the greatest opportunity to construct a usable quantum personal computer,” describes Peter Krogstrup Jeppesen, Professor, Nils Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, who is leading the Quantum Computing Programme.

About The Novo Nordisk Basis Quantum Computing Programme

The Novo Nordisk Basis Quantum Computing Programme is a collaboration in between the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, which will operate for the upcoming 12 decades.

The mission is to create and develop quantum hardware and algorithms for a quantum computer system that can address important complications in the life sciences.

The Programme will entail a large ecosystem of universities and industries. Among the expected participants in the Programme are scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technological know-how (United States), Delft University of Engineering (the Netherlands), Specialized University of Denmark, Aarhus College (Denmark), and University of Toronto (Canada).

For the 1st seven decades, the job will concentration on establishing materials and components to create qubits. In parallel, many quantum platforms will be explored and the most acceptable quantum system established. The Programme will collaborate with scientists from the existence sciences, who will information the improvement of the technologies.

In the final five years, the technological know-how has to be scaled up so that eventually a quantum computer is made that can address related challenges in the lifestyle sciences that latest desktops cannot.

About Quantum Computer systems

Quantum computers’ large computational power will strongly impact the green changeover and the enhancement of new drugs. The Quantum Computing Programme aims to generate a fault-tolerant and commonly relevant quantum pc. The reality that a quantum personal computer is fault tolerant indicates that it will not be plagued by sounds, which would make the calculations imprecise. These types of a quantum pc does not exist today and is very demanding to fabricate.

Individuals will not initially be able to use a quantum laptop even though sitting on a couch or at a desk. The pc could be situated in a facts centre, where it can be accessed through the cloud to resolve particular and extremely sophisticated tasks.

Quantum desktops do not work in the exact same way as the desktops readily available currently. They are as an alternative dependent on the ideas of quantum mechanics.

In a classical personal computer, the central processing device is the place the computing electrical power is located. In a quantum pc, the corresponding unit is referred to as a quantum processing unit (QPU), which is made up of quantum bits (qubits).

A classical personal computer is electronic, which means it computes working with two states: and 1. A quantum laptop is different because it uses qubits. A qubit can be , 1 or a combination of the two states, and this supplies major new choices for the computing unit.

About the Novo Nordisk Basis

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests. It has two goals: 1) to provide a steady foundation for the business and investigate pursuits of the organizations in the Novo Group and 2) to assist scientific, humanitarian and social causes.

The eyesight of the Foundation is to add significantly to investigate and improvement that enhances the life of folks and the sustainability of society. Given that 2010, the Foundation has donated more than DKK 30 billion (€4 billion), mostly for research at public establishments and hospitals in Denmark and the other Nordic international locations as effectively as analysis-based treatment method and prevention of diabetes. Examine far more at

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