New Developers That Released Great First Games In 2022

New developers are always great for the gaming industry, which is very much alive and well, and still expanding. Since the industry is getting bigger, a slew of diverse ideas comes with that expansion. Some ideas may not work, and others do. In turn, there are more games for players to pick and try out. Being a new studio can be stressful, because even if it’s made up of industry veterans, they still have to prove themselves under a new name.

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However, if a developer’s first release is a hit, this energizes the studio and the developers within. Because now they’ve put out a good game, they can settle in afterward. These studios have done just that, by introducing themselves with critically acclaimed games that are adored by fans and the industry itself.


5/5 Bright Memory Infinite

bright memory infinite player fighting an enemy with a blackhole in the background

Made by Chinese developer FYQD Studio, this game is rather interesting. The developer initially had sold Bright Memory Infinite prior, but it was considered a tech demo and wasn’t the full game. However, in the summer of 2022, Bright Memory Infinite dropped and was a hit — nt so much for the story, but for the gameplay and graphics. Fans who love first-person shooters will like this take on the genre. It takes the best aspects of other games and makes those mechanics even more over-the-top.

The combat in this game stands on its own. Gamers have a full arsenal to play around with, plus a sword. While this may seem like it’s not needed, the sword makes the combat more complete. The most interesting part about Bright Memory Infinite is that it’s made by one person. While it’s not a long game, players will still have fun fighting the many enemy types thrown at them.

4/5 The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol player being ambused by an enemy

Made by Striking Distance Studio, which is made up of developers that made the Dead Space series. While The Callisto Protocol has some issues on PC, on console it’s a different story. It shares a lot of the same qualities as Dead Space; however, The Callisto Protocol still brings something new that separates the two. From amazing boss battles to properly timed jump scares, The Callisto Protocol has something for a wide selection of players.

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Set in a maximum prison in deep space, anything can happen. Mixing in the survival and action elements of the Dead Space games and putting it in a horror game set in one the worst places for anyone to be in, makes for good storytelling.

3/5 Splitgate

splitgate player opening up a portal

Technically, the beta for Splitgate was released in 2021; however, the full-fledged release was dropped in 2022. Borrowing many elements of Halo deemed Splitgate a Halo clone, and that’s perfectly okay. Developers 1047 Studios took the best aspects of combat from Halo, mixed in their own elements like the gaming-changing portals, and made a very fun, and quick multiplayer arena shooter.

There are plenty of stages in the game, like the arena, which has some ideal spots for portals. With these, players can easily dominate the matches if they play aggressively. The best part about Splitgate, much like Halo, is that it’s rather easy to pick up. This makes things so much more fun, and when players add the portals into their fighting, they can find some entertaining moments.

2/5 Stray

stray cat in the middle of a market

Even though developers BlueTwelve Studio was founded in 2016, their game didn’t release until late 2022. Having a game released, and also having it nominated for Game of the Year, is a feat not many can claim to have done. For BlueTwelve Studios, this is something they can cross off their list. Being nominated for that prestigious award certainly helped the popularity of Stray. Plus, playing as a cat is something players never knew they wanted.

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Stray is a simple game to get into, both for gamers and non-gamers, because being a cat, and navigating the world is a unique experience. While Stray is a short game, which can be done in 5 hours, there’s still a lot packed into this small package. Players can immersive themselves into one of the most creative games of 2022 more quickly than some other titles.

1/5 Multiversus

mutltverus players fighting each other

For players who like the brawling style of combat of Super Smash Bros, Multiversus is an excellent alternative to that. Made by Player First Games, which was founded back in 2019, the studio’s first release a massive one. Winning a well-deserved award for the best fighting game at the game awards because of the accessibility it has over others, Multiversus is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer games of 2022.

Borrowing the same charm as Super Smash Bros, but mixing the millions of IPs that Warner Bros owns, has made this a go-to fighting game. Playing as Shaggy and going up against someone like Batman is something players wouldn’t think of. On paper, it may not sound appealing, but Made First Games has made it fun. Plus, there’s ongoing support with new characters being added each season, and it’s free to play. Mulitversus is a game many should try out.

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