How to Totally Uninstall Nvidia, AMD or Intel Graphics Drivers

You’ve just taken your shiny new graphics card out of the box and you’re ready to pull the old one out and replace it with the more powerful alternative. But before you upgrade the hardware, or even if you’ve already done that, it’s never a bad idea to completely uninstall all the old Nvidia, AMD, and/or Intel drivers, getting rid of all the cruft and potentially freeing up a decent amount of storage in the process.

Whether you’re upgrading from one Nvidia card to another one or switching brands —  going from Nvidia to AMD, vice versa, or even to an Intel Arc GPU — wiping out any remnants of the older card’s software is a good idea. The old drivers could harm performance or even lead to crashes. Also, if you’re currently experiencing problems with a graphics card you’ve had for a while — crashes, freezes, blue screens —  nuking your drivers and starting over from scratch could solve your issues.