Cooler Master CES 2023 Lineup Includes Its First Pre-Built Gaming PCs, New Cases, Coolers, Peripherals & More

Cooler Master has presented its next-gen product portfolio for 2023 which includes brand-new cases, cooling solutions, PSUs & peripherals.

Cooler Master CES 2023 Lineup Includes A Huge Array of PC Components & Peripherals Including Coolers, PSUs, Cases, Pre-Built PCs, Gaming Chairs & More

Press Release: Cooler Master, the high-performance component and peripherals brand, today announced its entrance into the market for complete PC Systems. The new desktop PCs focused on three lines: Be Excellent, Be Different, and Be Creative. The Be Excellent line features the 2023 Cooler Master CoolingX (code name) and AIOX NUC (code name): PCs that excel in thermal performance and use powerful CPUs and GPUs.

The Be Different line-up features, the Shark X, Sneaker X, and Mini X, focus on users expressing their individuality. The Be Creative line-up boasts the limited-edition Cosmos Infinity 30th anniversary PC. This PC pays tribute to the award-winning Cosmos case series and allows users to fully customize their machine.

Be Excellent

CoolingX is the ultimate PC for gamers or content creators who demand heavy performance from a compact form factor. CoolingX is fully liquid-cooled, with innovative liquid-cooled side panels. The side panels act as a large heatsink, complete with a fin design to increase the surface area. Water channels run along the panel, allowing heat to be carried to the massive heatsinks for effective dissipation of heat that keeps the system running cool under the heaviest loads.

For those looking for a lighter compact PC, the AIOX NUC, a system based on Intel’s NUC platform is the ticket. It features the 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor cooled by Cooler Master’s award-winning MasterLiquid Flux edition liquid cooler. This cooler is specially designed for the AIOX NUC, unleashing the Intel i9 performance without throttling.

Be Different

The Shark X and Sneaker X cater to those with bold tastes. These PC systems are variants of winners from Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series. Both systems are packed with performance that can be upgraded if desired. Both support ITX motherboard form factors, SFX PSUs, and an AIO cooler. For tech enthusiasts, the Sneaker X comes with Cooler Master’s innovative cooling solution, which allows the AIO cooler’s radiator to be placed at the bottom of the case without forming bubbles. This placement allows the Sneaker X to fit a 360mm radiator, so it’s aesthetically pleasing and enables high performance.


Among the new systems, the Mini X may look plain, but it comes with a twist that makes it perfect for Be Different lineup. This tiny case is designed so all panels can be swapped, and when we say all panels, we mean it: from the top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. Not only are the panels modular, but also the interior is upgradeable with ITX form factor motherboards, SFX PSUs, and NVIDIA’s 4000 series or AMD’s 7000 series graphic cards.

Be Creative

The Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary limited edition is a remastered version of the C700M using premium materials and a Chameleon color scheme matching Cooler Master’s iconic colors. With only 1,000 pieces available, a commemorative plaque is placed on either side of the system with the production number to celebrate Cooler Master’s 30th anniversary.

Availability: Cooler Master CoolingX will be available from Q2 2023, and Cooler Master AIOX NUC will be available in Q3 2023. Cooler Master Shark X, Sneaker X, and Mini X will be available in Q3 2023. Cooler Master Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Limited Edition is now available on

The GX III 550/650/750/850/1050/1250 Gold Power Supply

Cooler Master presents the GX III GOLD ATX3.0 power supply in configurations between 550 to 1250 watts. It’s a tremendous improvement from the GX series and meets the power demands of a wide variety of users. The half-bridge APFC + LLC + DC to DC, allows the GX III Gold to achieve an 80-PLUS Gold certification and delivers outstanding performance in ripple noise. Together with the hexagonal design to enhance the air intake efficiency, the S.T.C.M zero-rotation feature effectively reduces noise and dissipates heat simultaneously. Modular cable management reduces clutter, increases airflow, and improvise efficiency. Cooler Master is delivering on its promise to provide the best power solution for your system.

The V1100/1300 SFX Platinum Power Supply

Cooler Master takes a great leap forward using the SFX power supply form factor and adding Intel’s ATX3.0 standard. The V SFX Platinum series of high-density power supply pushes the limit to the maximum, releasing the very first SFX power supply supporting 1100 and 1300 watts. The achievement comes from component miniaturization and leading thermal technology. While reaching a Platinum efficiency rating to enhance the solidness of the power supply, we also added ATX 3.0 and 12VHPWR connectors so users can put this in a Mini-ITX build. This will be your last stop when choosing the right power supply.

The V750/850 SFX Gold Power Supply (Supports ATX3.0)

The V SFX Gold brings significant evolution to the SFX market. Along with the included bracket, you can now have a high-wattage power supply with an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating for cases ranging from mini-ITX all the way up through E-ATX products. With fully modular cabling, ATX3.0 support, 100% Japanese capacitors, an FDB fan, and 16AWG PCIe high-efficiency cables, the V SFX Gold delivers the high-quality and high-efficiency experience PC enthusiasts expect.

The V750/850 Gold I multi Power Supply

Designed for next-generation high-end PC enthusiasts, the V Gold I fully supports ATX3.0 and comes in two different wattage levels: 750W and 850W. Both have an 80 Plus Gold rating, half Bridge LLC converter, 135mm fan, and Smart Thermal Control Mode. The semi-digital design allows users to monitor the unit’s status through Cooler Master’s in-house software, MasterControl. This series adds a modern touch, and futuristic looks and features a new platform that boasts great performance on all fronts. Inspired by the past PSU lines, Cooler Master delivers safe, reliable, and efficient power supplies for those who demand the best from their system.

The V750/850 Gold i 12VO Power Supply

While providing sustainable power with an 80 PLUS Gold rating, Cooler Master is putting contemporary features on the top-tier power supply for modern users. The V Gold I 12VO is built with digital solutions to monitor and customize aspects of PC hardware. It allows users to observe and alter performance in real-time through MasterPlus+ software. Together with ATX3.0 support and S.T.C.M., the V Gold I 12VO can satisfy the power requirements your configuration demands.

The V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary Edition Power Supply

As part of the limited-edition 30th Anniversary products, Cooler Master is launching the V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary Edition power supply featuring a Chameleon color scheme matching Cooler Master’s iconic colors. This power supply not only comes with 1300 watts and 100% Japanese Capacitors but also is 80 PLUS Platinum certified. It’s created for heavy-duty PC users who want safe, reliable, and highly efficient power: a new generation of gamers, overclockers, modders, creators, and those who accept nothing short of greatness from their PC.

The Dual Mode PD 65W

Cooler Master develops reliable power supply products, and also power delivery products to solve life-tech power problems. In this vein, Cooler Master presents the Dual Mode PD with fast charging mode 65W and portable battery mode 45W configurations. Equipped with a 15000mAH grand battery capacity, the Dual Mode PD supports PD3.0 and QC3.0 which delivers fast charging and makes charging with a power bank a breeze. GaN MOSFET technology miniaturizes the PD to it easy to carry, too.

Air Cooling: MasterAir MA824 Stealth, Hyper 212 Halo & Hyper 622 Halo

As part of the limited-edition 30th Anniversary products, Cooler Master is launching the MasterAir MA824 Stealth air cooler. This top-of-the-line air cooler features an 8-heat pipe array, dual towers, and two fans for a push-pull setup, offering unmatched cooling performance. It carries the Stealth Series identity with a blackout design and two non-LED fans, including the award-winning Mobius 120 fan. The heat pipe design has dual variable thicknesses using a groove and powder wick structure to achieve precision heat transfer using Superconductive Composite Technology. The redesigned dual tower heat sink maximizes performance by optimizing fin density and thickness.

The Hyper Series is welcoming not one, but two new coolers to its line-up: The Hyper 212 Halo is the latest edition of the popular air cooler, with a 4-heat pipe single-tower design, now featuring the all-new MF120 Halo2 fan, improving performance and refreshing the aesthetics to the iconic Hyper 212. Along with the Hyper 212, Cooler Master is introducing an all-new 6-heat pipe cooler to the Hyper line. The Hyper 622 Halo features dual tower 6-heat pipe cooling, with dual MF120 Halo2 fans for next-level performance for PC Gaming Enthusiasts. Both Hyper Series air coolers will be available in black and white.

Liquid Cooling: MasterLiquid Atmos & MasterLiquid Sub Zero EVO

Cooler Master will be releasing two different AIO Liquid Coolers in the upcoming months. The first is the successor to the original MasterLiquid Sub Zero, launched in 2020. The new Sub Zero EVO has improved on the previous TEC cooling technology in combination with Intel’s Cryo Cooling Technology for 12th and 13th Gen Intel processors. The pump has been upgraded to the 2nd generation pump, featuring a renewed water block top cover and a larger copper base. The air-tight fencing has been improved to block external elements and condensation, with the top cover now ARGB-ready. This flagship cooler will use the awarded Mobius 120P ARGB fans for even better performance and low noise levels.

The second liquid cooling product is the MasterLiquid Atmos AIO liquid cooler. Developed for PC gaming enthusiasts, the Lucid AIO combines performance with new aesthetics. The fans are upgraded along with the pump cover design for a modern look to match enthusiast PC builds.

Fans: Mobius 120 OC & Halo2 Series

With the successful launch of the Mobius Series in September 2022, Cooler Master is expanding the lineup with a new flagship in the fan series: the Mobius 120 OC. Like the previous performance fans, the Mobius 120 OC features the Ring Blade Design using interconnecting fan blades along with several new features. The OC version has adjustable fan speeds controlled on the conveniently located cable toggle. This release will use a double ball bearing design for superior performance, minimal friction, whisper-quiet operation, and exceptional longevity. Following the popularity of the MasterFan Halo series, Cooler Master has redesigned our Dual Loop LED fans with the new MasterFan Halo2.

The fan blades have been increased by 10% to deliver better airflow and cooling performance. The new hybrid frame structure maintains stability without sacrificing fan operational real estate. The driver IC has been upgraded for increased cooling performance while minimizing fan noise. Cooler Master has maintained the elegant dual loop LED design featuring our addressable gen 2 RGB lighting to give you the most customizable lighting to fit your design needs. The Halo2 Series fans will be available in both black and white color options, as well as 120mm and 140mm sizes.

The Oracle Air Portable Storage Drive

The Oracle Air keeps swift data transmission of up to 1000 Mbps cool, ensuring your creative valuables are safe when you travel. Its design promotes quick heat dissipation yet stays cool to the touch even under extended use. Easily upgradable and designed for intuitive installation, users can swap between multiple SSDs without the need to fiddle with screws or tools. Built-in MOLLE compatibility allows users to attach Oracle Air to backpacks and other bags so they can keep their storage close wherever they go.

Pricing and availability: The Oracle Air will be available for US$49.99 MSRP. Price and availability may vary per region.

The TD500 Mesh V2 Case

The TD series has been one of Cooler Master’s most successful case series since its launch in 2018. Most notable for its three-dimensional front panel paired with 120mm ARGB fans, TD cases yield an ever-changing light effect that shifts based on the angle viewed. Diamond-cut etchings span the surface of the tempered glass side panel, enhancing the geometric theme. The TD500 Mesh V2 not only preserves this one-of-a-kind design but also enhances the chassis’ functional features, including thicker radiator compatibility for unbeatable thermal performance. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C connectivity has been added to empower lightning-fast transfer speeds, and a repositionable PSU shroud cover allows users to showcase their PSU or keep it hidden for a stealthier aesthetic.

Pricing and availability: The TD500 Mesh V2 will be available for US$89.99 MSRP. Price & availability may vary per region.

The ORB X is the Next Level of Immersion

The Cooler Master ORB X, a fully immersive multi-purpose station, is the ultimate work, entertainment, and gaming experience with a new level of immersion, comfort, and luxury. ORB X elevates the user’s visual, audio, and comfort in a semi-enclosed space for a premium user experience. Its automated motorized shuttle dome, compatibility with a triple-monitor setup, built-in surround sound speakers, and a newly designed ergonomic recliner for customized comfort is the premium environment where users stay focused, relax and become totally immersed in their experience.

The Synk X Haptic Chair Lets Users Feel the Game like Never Before

The Cooler Master Synk X, a cross-platform immersive haptic chair, creates a new way of experiencing the gaming world by amplifying play for a lifelike entertainment experience. By converting sound waves into vibrations and providing real-time tactile experiences, Synk X enables users to feel their environment in virtual reality. Cross-platform compatibility ensures easy setup and enjoyment. Its ergonomic design featuring adjustable parts, and a built-in battery for high mobility, makes immersive entertainment possible for any game, anytime, anywhere.

The Dyn X Racing Rig Redefines “True-to-life” Immersion

The Cooler Master Dyn X is not only for casual gamers but also for those mastering car racing. Inspired by professional racing, it provides accurate driving responses with professional-tested performance. It offers an opportunity to become immersed in speed even when away from tracks. A rigid construction, a focus on compatibility, and easy adjustability make the Dyn X appeal to all drivers. Most importantly, Formula and GT style racing make Dyn X the best solution for users to experience the ultimate in lifelike professional car racing.

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