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Low Cost Live Video Streaming Options

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I have been investigating options for live streaming Sunday morning services. This is what I have found. If there are other options please post a follow up.



Free streaming:

Mogulus - Pros: free, very nice tool Cons: inappropriate ads. Advise: use to get started then decide from there. Adobe Flash Media Encoder does a great job and is free.

Ustream - I don't have much feedback on this one.

Not Free:

MediaServe - Pros: Decent price, $20 for up to 10 users, $0.60 after that. 100GB Bandwidth/month. Cons: I have not used them yet, sorry. Advise: I am planning on using them until we get to around 250 viewers.

Final option if we get really big, dedicated hosting with SiteGround Virtual server running Wowza Media Server: - Pros: 1TB bandwidth per month, $99/month hosting, Wowza Media Server is $65/month or $995 one time charge.

Other options: NetBroadcasting: $200/month minimum with 100GB bandwidth

My plan: We currently use Mogulus and will move to MediaServe. That should hold us for a while. 50 viewers a month would be $20 + (50-10)* $0.60 = $44/Month. An hour of video at 500kbits/second is 225MBytes/hour. At 5 sermons a month and 100G/month limit, that would be (100GB/5/0.225 = 88 viewers. Additional bandwidth can be purchased at $10/100GB. Round that down to say 75 viewers since Pastors are never on schedule.

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RE: Low Cost Live Video Streaming Options

Nice list. A couple of other options:

Personally I've only played around with ustream, which seems alright as a starting point.