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Anybody familiar with Stafftool.com? It is a web-based church/non-profit management system.

I just found it and was wondering if anybody had experience with it.


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Never heard of it, but it

Never heard of it, but it looks very cool.

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Also check out a similar

Also check out a similar site, famundo.com, and compare to see what works best for you.

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Another great site for organizing groups is Qlubb

www.Qlubb.com is a great site for organizing groups. Have a friend who has a Church group that meets regularly and they are evaluating Qlubb for their use. It has group email, private website, scheduling capabilities so everyone can get on the same page and photo sharing.

Pretty nifty.

I htink it's free too.

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Thanks for the options!

Thanks for all the replies and options!

famundo.com looks more like a scheduling system whereas I'm looking for more of a member management system.

I've only check out Qlubb a little, but I would like a bit more robust membership options (e.g. - tagging of people).

Many thanks again!