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    Evelyn Coachwell

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Financial Considerations When Buying Your Piermont Grand, EC Unit

Scheduled to go on sale in 2019, the Piermont Grand, EC promises to be a beautiful, luxury executive condominium that will surely improve your life. Since the EC is not completed and not for sale yet, you can only register your interest in it for the time being.

You can get the application form by filling in your details online. However, please note that for your application to be taken into account, you can submit it only at the showflat.

The condo comes with plenty of incentives, but there are some other money-related issues to consider before booking:

Financial benefits

-Executive condominiums like the Piermont Grand, EC are up to 30% less expensive than private units.

-You will be able to book your flat if you pass the initial eligiblity check. As a buyer, there are certain benefits you can get, depending on whether you are a first-time or a second-time applicant.

Thus, first-timers are given special access in the first month since launch; as much as 70% of the units are reserved for them in that time frame.

Moreover, they can also get a CPF Housing Grant of up to 30,000 SGD if this is your first application for an executive condominium.

More specifically, this sum is valid for applicants whose monthly household income is no larger than 10,000 SGD, while for a total income of 11,001 SGD to 12,000 SGD you can get a grant of 10,000 SGD.

If you are a second-timer, the bank loan is the major perk. You can get a loan of up to 80%, regardless if you have a mortgage on the home you already own. This is a really great perk that you don’t get when purchasing a private property.

-There are no additional fees when you book directly from the developer (other than the ones listed below).

-Besides the appealing initial discount and other financial benefits, you will partly own your EC in 5 years and it will be fully yours, just like any other private condominium, within 10 years.


The minimum cash downpayment varies between 5% and 10%, based on the maximum loan you can get, which in turn depends on the age you will be at the end of your tenor, among other criteria.

Extra fees

In addition to the Piermont Grand, EC purchase price, several other charges may apply. Thus, you might need to also pay the following:

-Stamp duty:

This is the EC purchase price x 3% – 5,400 SGD, and you can pay in a maximum of either 2 weeks from the time you signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement, or 6 weeks from the time you booked the condo.

-Legal fees:

Your lawyer can charge 2,500 SGD to 3,500 SGD for their services on this matter.

-Bank fees:

These apply only if you need to take out a loan from your bank to use towards your new EC.


Be sure to take into account the total cost of purchasing a unit at Piermont Grand, EC so as not to miss this great opportunity.